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*Voyage de la vie*
*Voyage de la vie*
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*I sold my soul to Marvel*

My BFFF and Stiles to my Malia :3

Eternally in love with:

Teen Wolf
The Raven Cycle *_*
Oberyn Martell (╥﹏╥)
Bucky Barnes ^_^
Richie Gecko *✧ (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

DREAM JOB: Sebastian Stan's personal assistant.. (▰˘◡˘▰)

My name is Polina.19.Russian. Currently in Canada. Born 3/09/94. Still figuring out what to do with my life. Studying,partying, watching movies,drawing and enjoying every moment of it! Dream to have my own private loft apartment to just sit there and draw all day long..
I love: Art, drawing, inspiration, magic, photography,black coffee,British actors, travels,dark rooms, Cirque du Soleil, horses, ocean, Dinosaurs!,Vintage, bones,taxidermy, witchcraft,wolves, old books,MARVEL,psychology,fashion, cinema, folk rock, comics, models, ballet, theatre, ships, lighthouses, grundge, 70's, hippies, pot, tatoos,90's..

Some of the people I love and admire are :
Frank Iero, Gerard Way,Tim Burton,Johnny Depp,David Fincher,Kurt Cobain and lovely and amazing River Phoenix :3

Music: My Chemical Romance,FOB,Bastille,Matt Corby, Mumford&Sons, Coldplay, Florence and the machine, The Kooks, MGMT, 30 STM, Nirvana, Foster the People and many many others..

Series I love: In The Flesh, Friends,ADVENTURE TIME, The Walking Dead,Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, Castle,Teen Wolf, Skins, Game of Thrones, The Borgias, Once Upon a time, Suits, Bones,The Mentalist,Lie to me, White Collar, Sherlock,Shameless,Sabrina the teenage witch,ALF,Weird science and other 90's shows :D

Character Inspiration - The She-Wolf

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"Oh, aye, Sassenach. I am your master… and you’re mine. Seems I canna possess your soul without losing my own."


Chris Pratt seems like a guy that would get drunk with you and then carry you home


Is this what he felt like, he wondered, when he grabbed my sleeve as I was going out the door? Is this what made him shove my face into the fridge? Did he feel this when he passed by my bedroom door? Was this what he fought every time he remembered I existed?


i’m constantly torn between wanting to watch new shows, re-watching old shows and attempting to have a life that doesn’t revolve around shows

You do things and do things and nobody really has a clue.
— John Updike, Rabbit, Run (via draculahs)

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“Adam looked up at Ronan. ‘I know it was you,’ he said. ‘I figured it out. The rent.’
He held Ronan’s gaze for just a moment longer, until something inside Ronan unwound and he almost said something.” 

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