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I sold my soul to MARVEL..

CURRENT OBSESSION: Bucky Barnes *✧ (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

DREAM JOB: Sebastian Stan's personal assistant.. (▰˘◡˘▰)

My name is Polina.19.Russian. Born 3/09/94. Still figuring out what to do with my life. Studying,partying, watching movies,drawing and enjoying every moment of it! Dream to have my own private loft apartment to just sit there and draw all day long..
I love: Art, drawing, inspiration, magic, photography,black coffee,British actors, travels,dark rooms, Cirque du Soleil, horses, ocean, Dinosaurs!,Vintage, bones,taxidermy, witchcraft,wolves, old books,MARVEL,psychology,fashion, cinema, folk rock, comics, models, ballet, theatre, ships, lighthouses, grundge, 70's, hippies, pot, tatoos,90's..

Some of the people I love and admire are :
Frank Iero, Gerard Way,Tim Burton,Johnny Depp,David Fincher,Kurt Cobain and lovely and amazing River Phoenix :3

Music: My Chemical Romance,FOB,Bastille,Matt Corby, Mumford&Sons, Coldplay, Florence and the machine, The Kooks, MGMT, 30 STM, Nirvana, Foster the People and many many others..

Series I love: Friends,ADVENTURE TIME, The Walking Dead,Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, Castle,Teen Wolf, Skins, Game of Thrones, The Borgias, Once Upon a time, Suits, Bones,The Mentalist,Lie to me, White Collar, Sherlock,Shameless,Sabrina the teenage witch,ALF,Weird science and other 90's shows :D

April 2012 was such a cool month of my life..sometimes I like to go back and see what I liked,what movies I watched,what music I listened to..

April 20 Sunday *Life*

It is a little sad thinking that I’ve grown out of Skins. This show has always been something special for me..but now I have to move on. God Skins were so important..it’s a huge part of my life,especially Cassie. It’s sad to admit but I’m older now and I kind of have to leave this show. Even if I re-watch it now,I won’t feel like I used to feel. That’s the point of growing up. Things around you might not necessary have to change, it’s you that changed. I don’t want to grow up.

Today is Easter. I love Easter, it’s an important family holiday to me. Sometimes I even wish our family to be more religious and go to church..but at the same time I’m glad we’re not doing it. I’ve never prayed and been to church..maybe just once and that was just a trip. It’s interesting to be religious but not for me I guess. 
I still feel like a complete piece of shit after Thursday…maybe I shouldn’t hate myself for wanting to have some fun but fuck..it was fun,at first..I don’t even remember what I said and why I said it..fuck..I lost myself..my dear friends,I’m so sorry..I’m not drinking again in the nearest future..fuck..I fucked up..fucking again..how many times have I told myself not to drink..yeah a fucking shitload of times..and here I am drinking wine like it’s fucking tea, telling things I shouldn’t and giving myself away completely..fuck my life.I’m so sorry.I’m just so stupid.Someone punch me..

Well,it’s gonna be a fucking life lesson to me not to drink..because on Friday I felt like..I didn’t want to exist..ewh..it was that bad. But I started watching From Dusk Till Down and now I’m totally in love with those gay brothers..and the show’s good.I’m gonna watch it again..Richie, I fucking love Richie!

Why do I like guys that look like serial killers!? Also he looks like Michael Pitt..or twins from Seconds Apart and also like a Prada eyewear model..and I fucking love his glasses! I want them! Also today I’ve red that Michael Pitt is gonna be in the episode of Hannibal and it made me so excited :) Suddenly I remembered that I love Mr.Pitt..he used to freak me out and I used to hate him after watching Funny Games..but now I find him strangely attractive..I never settle on one opinion anyway.

I remember when my mom and I were in Tokyo in October 2012, we took pictures in front of his big Prada ad xD I’m still trying to find those pictures..I hope I didn’t delete them..

Well yesterday I was at my grandma’s, we drank tea,watched tv and talked :3 I had a very strange sleep and we came to our home today to celebrate Easter..we all just ate a lot and laughed :)  Nice :)
Then I’ve spent a few hours on tumblr..tomorrow I have to do some important shit and probably watch The Winter Soldier
( )
Alright, it’s time to drink tea and watch Hannibal :D
Don’t regret doing things..that’s how you learn..sooner or later you’ll forget them and move on!
Whatever,wherever, have a nice day! And forget whatever I said..

P.S. I wanna travel and feel like Cassie again..


*two episodes in* *changes phone background* *makes cosplay plans*


u ever have that friend where ur like. yes lets get an apartment together. lets adopt 200 cats. lets DO IT


I really don’t think you understand how much I really really really really appreciate twenty one pilots

I don’t want you to leave. I want you to see this place for what it really is. I want you to feel what I’m feeling.

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